Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be quick or be dead

First I was watching market for hour and a half, I wasn't so interested in participating in slow grind. First two trades were perfectly positioned to bring momentum burst to the upside but it didn't came. Then there was news for EU and it was good surprise so I went long after spread came down. Gbp was also going up and eur/jpy, but gbp hit resistance and started to fall back so I quickly abandon long that was still looking great and shortly after went short. I had idea of big fall down, but then I always have big ideas so I took scalp profit instead. Fifth trade was possible beginning of continuation of trend, nothing. Then I got shaken with -8 loss very quick, trade after it was a bit emotional, I recovered some of the loss. Then I decided to be contrarian and to look for a place to buy even if price was falling in some kind of downtrend. Small loss and gain. Trades with 1/3 of size, +6 full size pips.

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