Friday, April 24, 2009

Not so good

Generally mixed day. I was positive but some surprises put me in the red. From that point I was trying to get back up. Then I got another surprise and deeper red, again getting back up. I was at +5 at the top and -27 at the bottom. I ended the day with -7 full size pips.

I can't show charts because Oanda today have some issues and doesn't show historical activity. There was so many trades that there's nothing to show, it would look kind of random.
Problem that I can pinpoint is jumping in trades unprepared, then I'm unprepared if it goes immediately against me. So I "can't" get out on reasonable stop. If loss occurs then sequence of "saving me" and getting back begins. If I'm concentrated and trade is deliberate I don't tend to do bad stuff that much, I'm much more in control. Saving is never good, because today it gave me back 20 pips but I could lose much more. So best would be to stay concentrated and avoid loose entries.

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