Monday, March 2, 2009

Dark clouds over Europe

Today news in Europe were not so bad but feeling of kind of dark clouds was present. So I opened charts and saw that Oanda lowered their spread from 10 to 3 very early and I decided to maybe try my "feeling" trade. In that moment chart started to fall so I enter immediately. It was smaller size trade with R of 30 not usual 20 pips. Target level on first chart was based on next support level on second 1h chart.
I guess that I got tired sitting in it after one hour and things didn't really fell apart like I had idea that they will. So I took profit of 30 pips or 1R. I had feeling that after 580 560 will come in a spike. It didn't and I closed. Now while I write after 10 minutes price is down 10 pips more but I really expected big spiky fall from the start. Maybe I don't know how to trade on this longer term charts. I'm satisfied with profit and maybe things are not so doom like. Also I can't trade as Masteroftheuniverse and skip sleep sometimes.

31 pips, 1R

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thats too funny, I saw that same shit and was like, wow they lowered early. I thought about it for a second and said, "nah, i'll pass..."

good for you though.