Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comedy scalping

Today I realized what is that with me wanting to swing trade sometimes. It's laziness. I wasn't in the mood for trading and then after scalps in eur/usd I wanted to catch big move on a hunch in usd/jpy. Well big move happened but in opposite direction. When I'm "swing trading" I have no idea where to get out. So I lost really nice chunk. I made something back in scalp after it and nice scalp in gbp/usd.
Then comedy begin. First eur/usd scalp after break of up chanel was ok. After it I was trading using 10sec chart and couldn't see forest for the trees. In the end +10 full size pips, trading with half size. It's not bad when you consider that I lost -27 half size pips on that usd/jpy loss.

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