Monday, March 23, 2009

Action Monday

Many, many sets of trades. I tried to prolong my concentration and calmness beyond first couple of trades. All trades were half size and in the end +60 half size pips or +30 full size pips.

I had few relatively small losses and I can't tell you how much they hurt. First after up 33 half size pips I lose 4 half size pips and I'm mad and angry. Ridiculous. No wonder that I fly into emotional madness if this affects me so much.

First set I made mistake going short gbp/usd in moment of eur/usd weakens. In the end it was positive trade but wrong first foot. You can see on charts how eur was falling down and gbp was in range.
Then I made scalp short in usd/jpy because of resistance that was working and immediately add eur/usd long based on presumption that usd will get punished. Eur/usd wasn't flying as supposed to so I exit it after I took usd/jpy profit.

Second set 4 pips loss in eur/usd that hurt my feelings :))) and nice breakout play in gbp/usd.

Again loss in eur/usd in a try to short break of trendline support which didn't go as it was planned. Again anger like I suppose to only win every time.

I'm glad that today I was also trading other pairs and not only eur and gbp. Usd was strong in usd/jpy and was slowly breaking level after level. So first I had little late scalp at break of previous high at 96.60. When things started to go up after consolidation I went long in usd/jpy and eur/jpy expecting big break out move. Well I didn't get it, but some nice scalps. Interesting in gbp/jpy break came at the same time moving it really strong, thing that I wanted in eur/jpy and usd/jpy. Jen pairs are interesting to trade and they move really different then for example eur/usd and gbp/usd.
Later I had two trys in eur/usd which you can see down on big 5min chart but I noticed that I'm not any more fresh to trade on optimal level so it was it for a day.

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Looks like a good day for you today! congrats!