Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two trades today

First in eur/usd after broken 8.00am low time was for push through low below that one. I was angry because I didn't take 8 pips after 1min, so I took quickly profit when I had it again.
12 pips 0.6R.

In gbp/usd I missed nice short opportunity at 4200. Trade was when price started to fall below morning low. I was looking for surge down but I didn't get it.
6pips 0.3R

Today 18 pips 0.9R



!!! HAHA! Well done bro!

My two cents is: that setup with support @ 1.4200 level was a perfect signal to me for a break down. those happen right as price is about to plummet below!! I'll explain more if your unclear about it, I have to take my daughter to the bus stop.

StockHunter said...

Nice trading!

FX said...

Yeah about that 4200 level, I just wasn't looking at gbp, I started after that because I don't like bigger spread lately so I avoid gbp.