Monday, February 9, 2009

Orionmachine's videos

I just enjoyed watching Orionmachine's video about an hour long separated in six 10min clips on youtube. In it he in detailed fashion explains his method of trading, plus he is going over this years trades, day by day. It is really the thing why I start this blog over 2 years ago, to share how I trade. Very detailed, with charts, entries and exits. I guess this video blogging is hitting more on that target. His method is interesting. Very short term even for my taste. I can't react and think clearly in such a speed as he can. It's not clear cut black box system because there is a lot's of discretionary decisions to be made, so it's not a system but a method.

I've put video's here on the blog to take sneak peak at them, but you got to watch them in HD on full screen to really see the charts.

He has youtube channel. Quite an exhibitionist kind if I may say, you can see his whole family there. I like the guy, he's been helping me a lot with his comments here and I always appreciate his trading knowledge. The main thing is that he is confident in his trading and that is closed circle. Confidence gives good results, good results give confidence.



Bro you are awesome... thanks for the kind words. Stick around because I will be releasing a 70 minute series of videos of me live trading this morning. Covering my intricate thoughts on the fly. You have helped me along this journey as well man, I am a better trader because of you too man. I am accountable to you. I trust you. I admire your integrity.

StockHunter said...

Yeah I like his videos also. Keep up the good work orion! :)