Monday, September 15, 2008


I've been really having a break, I didn't even check markets last week. Been busy with buying new computer and installing everything because old one got really old and slow. I bought 24" monitor so it's now fun to have big desktop with chart setup that I always wanted, plus I have one of my old monitors for six more charts of other pairs.

I didn't have much thought about my lack of discipline and irrational trading when I hit a loss. Because as I said it's not so much trading problem, but problem reflected in trading field. I did make some progress regarding that so we will see how will it go.



its always fun to upgrade the old clunker! I am trading from a new dual-core 2.8 GHZ machine with a 19 inch hd monitor. its good enough for what I do, but a bigger monitor would be fun to use! hope you are doing well.

4x For Life said...

Lucky so an so, I am on a 1996 HP
Anywho glad to see ya back

FX said...

Yeah, glad to chat with you two again.
It all started with buying that laptop than I could compare my home pc with something and it was disaster. So I got dual core 2.53 with 4Gb of ram, some nice asus MB p5q pro with two slots for graphic cards (just one now with 512mb), so I can expand to 4 monitors lol. Funny thing is that by mistake I got midi case so it's like 3 times bigger than my old box like I have some kind of server.

As far as trading goes I have my instinct to trade, I saw that today while watching markets for some time. But, I'm not clear in my head regarding trading in general and I would like that. Sometimes is good to be little empty but it's starting to get me bored.