Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 2008. results

I had big down day this month and since than I was recovering it after a brake. So not many trading days.

+41 pips

+1.7 %

Lesson from this month is that how deep hole you dig you will eventually get out of it. So there is no need for a drama. Just trade as good or as bad as you can and that's it. There is no holy grail, no realization that will change you for good.


4x For Life said...

Your doing better than me this week
I had one trade for -20 or something and have stayed out. I have been doing other things till this blows over. Anywho nice battin this week champ. And yes the market givith and takihaway.

FX said...

Market is funny lately and spreads are up too much, I don't want to trade gbp with 4 pips. Nor euro when it's >2.