Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bitter profit

What can I say, nothing changed. Today I had first some news trades with extra big risk aversion on my side. Some loss in eur, after it I closed profitable gbp trade to cover it. Than I got excited and opened trade against trend in eur. Move the stop in that trade and averaged when I was on -40. When it started to show signs of possible reversal I add one more trade in gbp. Closed last three trades in profit.
It's bitter profit because I can see how I got it. I'm not going to bitch about it to much because I can see that I'm trying to get hold on things, maybe on a bad course of action but I'm trying. I was whole morning waiting for b/o from the range and when it occur I trade against it. I think that loss in eur got me in bad mental state. I let that trade too much room in the first place, it came back and I hoped for nice b/o but it reversed on me again.
Currently I have bad trading and good trading going on at the same time. Maybe process of learning how to trade and ditching bad trading goes that way, slow and painful. Maybe not, but what can I do I'm where I am with all my good and bad traits and have this journal to show it all.
Oanda was acting funny today with not showing my losing trade in eur on chart, so I draw a lines myself.




Well, if it makes you feel any better I am jealous as hell of your 4gigs of ram ;))

I don't think we will ever have to worry about you leaving the game, just stick with it and you are bound to get somewhere.

FX said...

To ease your pain, 32bit windows can only see up to 4gb, so mine see 3gb and change, I will not put 64bit on. Graphic card and other eat some.

I will not leave the game, but big downs will probably never leave me judging how I trade.

4x For Life said...

Hell I am jealous of the package he has, me and my broke dick computer that I have to kick start in the morning.


I just decided that I am going to purchase a new graphics card so I can output to another monitor. Amazingly my computer didn't have support for one, but my 3 year old laptop does... So for now a 19" and a 15" will be fun, then maybe I will make the second one a 20+ in the future... who knows. Im gonna get some more ram too probably an extra gig to help out.

FX said...

LOL,it looks like I started avalanche in hardware upgrade.