Friday, September 5, 2008


My problems in the trading are more serious than I thought. I gambled today because I got angry of taking profit too early and from net positive I lost about 100 pips.
Well I'm also not open for discussion about that all so I will not participate in conversation via comments. I appreciate help but I clearly don't know where I stand right now so can't take advices or coherent decisions. It's little beyond me how I can trade o.k. for few days and than get too emotional even without good reason.
I will gladly hear what you think but I just don't feel good to talk about it. I have nothing to say.

My hint is that my life in general is reflecting in my trading and that it isn't trading problem. I got to make clear some general view about things in life. Simply making decisions how to trade or how not to trade will not change anything. My scalping is working nicely sometimes and I can't judge is it alone enough and net positive. Because my losses are so emotionally driven and big that they are not telling whole story about scalping and my trading methods.

If I make some trades or have some fresh info, I will post it as usually.



Very sorry to hear it. Get back to us when you feel up to it.

4x For Life said...

For what it is worth I had a bad week as well, Should have stayed in my sterling yen trade for 700 but nope bailed. Fear and greed are a bitch in this business and i have issues with it as i think we all do. Only you can decide whether you want to be in the game anymore.

StockHunter said...

if i was you, i'd take some time off. maybe not trade for a while or papertrade to bring your confidence back up.