Friday, June 6, 2008

I payed for mistake

I made mistake today and I payed for it. Sometimes it's good to pay because than you learn. I done same mistake yesterday twice but I didn't pay so I made it again today. I became addicted to profits and I open trades not because I see something but because some idea pops in my mind. With that idea I want profits. It's ok to get profits when you notice something and get paid because it was good call. But just wanting profits because you are addicted to good feeling of having profit and than producing some ideas absolutely not based on anything is wrong.

So I had idea that euro will sell of and that I will best get it from eur/jpy was just opposite of what happened. I averaged and than didn't have the nerve to wait for b/e and I closed early. Also I had few revenge trades after, so I lost total of -20 full size pips. More than 2/3 of this week profit. I feel like I needed loss like this to get push on my "reset button". Before few months I needed few hundred pips of loss to get reset. After that I'm now at 10th positive week. That kind of development get you of the track. So maybe this is good and not bad thing. I got my positive week but not with 28 but 8 pips lol and a lesson. Lessons usually do me good. I got to regroup again see where I am, what I want. Take a break if I need it, whatever.



sorry to hear about that FX, but there is a seed of equal or greater opportunity in every adversity. I'm sure you will find it.

Anna said...

Very nice blog.

FX said...

Orion it will be better, it will..

Thanks Anna, you have nice art blog.

Post345 said...

You think your nervous dude, I just lost half of my share portfolio thanks to B&B collapse. I've decided to dump my Boral shares also just to be on the safe side. I think that the share markets are on a path to oblivion. :(

FX said...

post345 that's really bad :(