Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beautiful scalping

Maybe I'm exaggerating in the title but I'm pretty satisfied with my work today. First eur/usd scalp I didn't see it at the time of start of the move. When it started to tick down after pause I shorted and it was on the down tick because I went immediately into the loss. It's all in seconds so it's even hard to see it on 10sec chart. When my view got confirmed with down ticks again I added one more short. Well that's great for me because I rarely do that. I got out when I was at around 10 in plus but got little slippage back. It's scalping and I didn't want to test anything and wait, price was already 30 pips down in few short minutes.
Next was short in gbp/usd again I didn't see on time down development but I decided to go for a bounce if it materialize at around 90 level because it was some kind of pivot in my metatrader. Levels like that if they got some sort of reaction give nice chances for strong move for scalp. It doesn't meter what will develop in next 5 or 10 minutes in that moment momentum is strong for up.
Third scalp was again in eur/usd after the news at 11. I was little hesitant and when I finally push down the button I got around 10 or more pips slippage. I was in a shock, market was higher than 85 when I clicked and now I was in at 73 or so. Maybe my wireless internet connection was responsible for that moment in between. I was waiting to see what will develop and decided to get out if I got b/e chance. I got little profit on that trade also.

I was patient and deliberate today for the whole time. Not only in trades that I made but also in the one's that I thought about and skipped. This is performance that I want to have all the time.

+ 15 full size pips

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