Monday, June 2, 2008

Active morning

I didn't manage it well, over traded, got focused too much on 10sec chart movements and miss big picture.
First I short in strong down move just when it stop, I was -15 instant. So, I was happy to run out around b/e plus some. Than I was afraid to participate, I got courage at wrong moment and with averaging got out again around b/e.
I had a try at eur/usd but up break materialize hour later.

Than again in gbp/usd I shorted in to strong down momentum and got slippage of about 6 pips from where I pushed button. So I run for b/e and than in long without reason except lack of down move after strong surge.
Last two trades were ok, I could stay longer in last one but I didn't have any profit for a day so far and I wanted one.

Whole time I was just looking 10sec chart and than you think too much. It's always moving and you lose perspective that it's nice steady downtrend on bigger t/f. In the end it's +6 full size pips.



wow that 10 second chart looked pretty choppy! Do you ever go back and analyze your trading? It helps me a lot to do that. Just think of it this way, if you would have only held your initial trade for longer it would have been a good gainer.

I had a GREAT trading day today. I hit above my goal of 10 pips (11.2) but what made it a great day was that I cut my losers quick and really tried hard to let my winners run. It was difficult, but I am very happy. Once again I asked my self "If this were a loser, would I let it go?" sure I would, so I just let the winner go as if it were a loser.

One thing I want to mention, is that every single trade I took had a clear reason behind it. My first trade of the day was a winner. 6.7 pips. I entered the trade because I was certain the the price was moving towards stop orders. I would have had my goal hit in the very first trade if my limit order was set back to my original location... so shame on me for moving it!

As far as the slippage goes, I do not like using market orders purely for that reason. TOO many times I have hit buy or sell only to have a fill 2-3 pips against me... I know where I want in at so I can use limit orders. Good trading today FX, sorry for the book I wrote!

FX said...

I don't analyze much, only with blog when I write it I go through day again. Nice day for you. I like your comments and as longer as better.

Maybe you could try for blog yourself so you can share all your thoughts and charts. I would like to read it daily. For me it's now like part of trading. It's so good to share all on blog because it allows for thoughts to be clear and track changes and advance in some aspects. I never had discipline to write concise journal and form of blog is great for me. Charts and comments on one place. Growing organism. If English is my first language it would all be much longer and detailed.

I don't have much problem with slippage it's rare for me and it's fast market sometimes.


I am very comfortable with how I am doing my blogs currently with myspace, and starting a would then mean having two pages to keep track of as well as my email... its already a pain :)

There are TONS of users on myspace and the reason I chose myspace is because there is a large mixture of normal and business people. I search forums and when people ask about trading, I try my best to be a guiding light.

I HATED the way I was keeping my trades before. I was doing screen captures and then adding text in photoshop. Now I use camtasia studios to record every move I make! its great because I can watch it back in live action and see exactly how the market was moving while I was trading. It has saved me a lot of time and made my record keeping and analysis much more profitable. I still chart my equity curve and every trades p&l in excel though. that normally doesn't take too long.

As far as me writing every day, for my readers I prefer to make sure that every single thing I write contains some sort or new information that people who are learning can appreciate. I have an actual trading journal I write in when I feel compelled to do so, but as far as my Trading page goes, I try not to have so much material that the average person says "Where do I start?"

If I happen to have some enlightening words I will always share them, but I want to remain a fresh source to my readers, so that WHEN I post something, it does get looked at by everyone because they know I ONLY post good stuff. Good trading tomorrow!

FX said...

Camtasia thing must be awesome solution. That way you can really track stuff later just as it happened. I have too old pc at home to be able to make real time capture and all the other stuff, but when I upgrade that will be probably option.