Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I found that gbp/usd wasn't strong as euro in the morning and I short it when it bounced. I was right for immediate scalping profit which I didn't take. I said let's wait it will go down more. From that point it was jumping around but without real strength. After 45 minutes of nothing I decided to go out and I went away from screen. Two minutes later it broke down. I was mad for that mistake when I found out.
In anger I started buying because it was now showing strength all over but it stop. I was averaging down and gambling. It wasn't really weak but it was falling. I was gambling with staying in through the news at 12. I'm not proud of that all, it was pure gambling under heavy emotions. Later when it reversed slowly I didn't have energy to stay. So I got out of three positions with acceptable loss. With first trade I was at +5 but finished day at -8 full size pips.

The sad thing is that I'm mostly right in my interpretation of market but I don't trade it well except if I just scalp. So every other day I'm fighting with the way I want to trade. I scalp to cut out the impact of emotions. When emotions overwhelm me it's not important how I interpret things because I tend to gamble.

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