Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Forex trading 10/23/07

I wasn't at home in the morning, the minute I got home I had to trade.
Good direction for +2 pips, than insanity.

Market reversed, I got out not on b/e but way in a loss (lot smaller than minutes ago). Market got to b/e and more, I started to short. Isn't a trend fighting interesting phenomenon. How do they say, cut your profits short let your losers run.
In the end I got few pips from last trades.

All in all -35 pips down the drain.

Sometimes I sit here in front of the screen and I don't trade but play casino games in the market. It's costly. It's not a business.
I don't want to talk about psychology there is no use for that. Looking to that nice chart with nice trend around that 65wma I wish that I sometimes do some "technical trading" not just "hope trading".

Forex Intraday Trading

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