Monday, October 1, 2007

Forex trading 10/01/07

I'm shaken by Friday losing and don't know how to trade properly. I use wider stops but I didn't cut size.

First entry was contrarian to my usual trading, going in the direction of the trend. Than I had idea to add with 5 pip stop at the new high but I didn't. For some reason I entered in gbp/jpy than I exited gbp/usd not to lose on two fronts, so I missed profits.
Gbp/jpy didn't go in my direction and I had really to wide stop at around 45 pips. Gbp was hard in losing ground so gbp/jpy didn't fall easily. I exited when I had a chance.

Just disoriented trading. It's better not to trade in mental state like this because you do wrong where ever you can.

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