Thursday, October 18, 2007

Forex trading 10/18/07

First trade is pretty stupid. I should catch 240 to 250 breakout because I was watching it and expecting. But no, I started to think that 240 breakout is too obvious so it will be a fake one, so lets short. It's usual me on act. It's obvious to everybody but it's not so relevant, it can't be hidden breakout any way so this breakout can be valid as any other.

On second trade I sure have a timing to get out. I left nice pips on the table on both of the trades.

Market is moving funny, I don't trade well today.

+3 pips

Forex Intraday Trading
Forex Intraday Trading


Forex intraday trading


Anonymous said...

good trades..... +3 and +4 is better than -3 and -4. Keep it up :)


FX said...

Thanks Quentin,
I for sure like more +pips than -pips how ever small they are. It adds up. :)