Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two sessions

In the morning I jumped in unprepared and unbalanced. I was boasting with my discipline last few days, well today I wasn't so proud on how I traded. On good note I never moved my stop today, so that is great if in low discipline day I don't move stops. In first session 22 trades of which only 5 profitable.
My p&l in pips moved -43 +34 -28 +28 finishing first part of a day at -9 pips.

Second part of trading was more reasonable. I caught move after news time but later missed trades at the top and the bottom part of the range which I was looking to enter. I didn't really wanted to trade any more, but somehow I entered and after one loss there was battlefield again. +23-24+29, so +19 at the end of a day.

On an interesting note I can add that full margin trading on day like today means from equity low to high +24% swing. Will see how it will be handleable with more money in account.

+19 pips

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