Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm frustrating myself

I refuse smaller profit and wait for bigger one, messing it all up in process. As more degrees of freedom I give to myself as worst outcome come out of it. I'm thinking that maybe I should go back to exercise I had with s/l -6 pips (as is now) and t/p fixed at +6 pips. Maybe with that I could still not miss out on runs by taking next trade after first is closed at tp. On situations where there are no runs of price but just small move I will bank on them without thinking what should I do.

-8 pips

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db said...

Let the trade come to you...Trade less by being selective...Less is more...No expectations only probabilities...Anything can happen...

These quotes are not mine. I've read it from many successful traders. Maybe we can learn from it.