Thursday, July 21, 2011

Failed mission of catching up to feel good

I'm on vacation and it looks to me that I'm trying really hard to succeed in trading really quick so I can feel good about myself. I'm tying to catch up or just to have some success to have god feeling about it. Well it's not going that way. I see now that I shouldn't be trading at all because instead of good feelings I get more and more frustration.
Well it's fair enough to feel frustrated over trading and to feel it intensified after years of trading and nothing to show for it.
-52 pips


db said...

Just my two cents nothing more :-)
You need to walk away from trading and rejuvenate yourself. Do something different and not think of trading for a while. Do this for a month or so and then when you feel you're fully rested grab a piece of paper and write an honest evaluation of your trading your strength and weaknesses. Force yourself to do this because this exercise will help you build a well thought trading plan according to your personal experience. When you finally have a concrete plan go back to trading. Slowly of course and make sure you that this time around you will follow your game plan 110% Hope this helps.

De'Trader said...

Up and down, very little bad mood will change everything. Done it before and I currently switched to news trading. The best technique I know so far.

Oh and if you used Oanda for news trading, useless :)

FX said...


I have very small amount left in the account, so I'm not so worried. I honestly like days like this so I can really see what need to be changed.

Jules said...

FX, so you're really on vacation? The message on FB is really from you then? I keep thinking it was spam! Ok, you gotta send me the link to your pics again. :-)

Regarding trading - at least you've been honest to yourself.

Always here to give moral support whenever you need it.

FX said...

Lol, yes I really am Jules :) Thanks on your moral support.