Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm so vulnerable to my own emotional pitfalls that it's so hard to advance. It's so frustrating because in general my trading isn't that bad. Like today I had three stop loss exits in timely manner, except last trade. Then it's so irrational to stay in it from minute to minute. I all know it, and to be honest at those moments I really don't know what I want with that trade, when I'm in bigger then allowed loss. What do I want with that -50 pips trade I can't answer. Where is exit, where is cut loss?
It seems to me that those problems can't be easily corrected with some new rule. In the end I just don't follow it and I can't correct my own personality with rules. I guess that I have to first correct myself, whichever that means, then it will be reflected in my trading.
So I had +23 pips for a day before that last trade and my own personal meltdown.

-9 pips

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