Monday, June 27, 2011

Sore loser

Very often being in a loss kick start state of mind in which I can't stand the loss. One thing is reality of that trade and another is feeling that overwhelm me. So even a small loss is practically impossible to take when I feel like that. I believe that I will not advance one bit in trading if I don't solve it, go through it, handle it. That unpleasant feeling, I can't really name it exactly, of being loser or being in a loss, is so unpleasant for me that I do anything just to avoid it, run from it, negate it. It's emotion that I didn't properly "learn" so I'm not able to handle it. There is not any other solution then learning how to lose, accepting a loss. Currently that's out of my reach.

-40 pips

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TST said...

based on your 30s chart, I found that break the 4touch line is good to catch profit but you have to use stop order to enter (ambush the market at breakout), just an opinion