Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Early bird catches the worm

First trade was regretful getting sucked in at worst level. Next trade and move woke up volatility. I scalped satisfactory, being very quick on exits that don't work in my favor.

As you can see I changed the rule about five trades a day. Not today in the middle of trading but before. It was negative stressful and I decided that I don't have to stick to it if things are working in my favor. When not, then five trades a day are still valid. Also that 15 pips max tp rule isn't that great for me. I have it set up automatically at that level when I enter the trade, but I will make it larger if necessary. I stayed with entering at 99% of margin available, it's good to remove focus from size that I use. Now when size is different on each trade it's kind of irelevant information for my psychological setup.

+35 pips

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