Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011. results

-69 pips

-27 %

Depleted account so big percentage swings. I didn't have positive month since May last year if we don't count in December's +6 pips. It's interesting to me how I still have will to do it despite my results.


Soma said...

Hey man, came across your blog through Trader32. I noticed you seem to be having challenges with taking only the best trades. I had the same problem and would makes tons of trades that would break my rules. I recently took out some money to pay myself for following my rules, and to throw away when I don't follow my rules. It's still early but it seems to be working. Over the last couple weeks I've stuck to my rules 100%. Maybe you could do something similar to motivate yourself?

FX said...

Hi, Soma nice to hear from you because I'm following your blog now for a week or so in my feed reader :) Also found you through trader32.

I'm thinking about something in that neighborhood. It will be a challenge for me not to act always. Many times I understand what is going on but fail to trade that understanding properly. I'm not that good at deploying my understanding in real trades. So I'm thinking to focus on watching and understanding like I will not trade at all. I guess some trades will just happen, hopefully the best ones. But I have so many ideas all the time and that can't translate in that many good trades. Will see.