Monday, January 24, 2011

-1 pip What's up and what's new?

Hi there traders and readers. Today -2 half size pips in one tiny trade. Well I decided to slash down my stop loss considerably to the -5 pips, adding spread it's -6 on eur/usd or -7 on gbp/usd. That -5 pips today would be in half size pips, so even smaller then it sounds. I guess that I will feel moronic if I try to move a stop when it's set at such low level. I just can't trust myself much and have to act accordingly. So now with such low R everything is changed. One one hand it's enough to catch six pips and R is there. On another side I can't just enter because it looks like it will go one way soon. I need to be exact. So like trade today, lot's of wait and then nothing, just to go down after few minutes when I wasn't there. I don't complain about it. The thing is I accept trading this way, I even like it. It will bring changes and they are needed. Things couldn't work like they were set up before. I will have to work more, and why not, and accept smaller targets.

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