Wednesday, January 26, 2011

+ 6 pips

I can't complain about the day, it reflects my current abilities. I didn't trade it the best way it should be done, but those are my current abilities. I used limit order on my first trade and got better price that way on a breakout. It wasn't break out up day, but range around the top. All my actions were more aiming to break out price action. I was already in preparation to write this post when sudden drop came in eur/usd after 11:20. It was ok to try going with the momentum but there I became emotional because I was just losing pips I gathered before. In yellow are marked problematic trades where I had some profit but I failed to take it or to get out at break even. I was married to idea that momentum down will resume. Also I wanted to recoup lost and I wasn't satisfied with partial gain. Well that led me from +18 half size pips to -4 at start of my last entry. At last I got my big winner and I finished at +12 half size pips.


De'Trader said...

It's great having those pips. Market chopped heavily until now.

FX said...

I'm grateful that I traded fairly ok. Getting used to smaller stops. It's all matter of habit.