Monday, November 8, 2010

- 60 pips

It wasn't bad at first but those two sudden losses at end of first chart flipped me real bad in negative and catch up game was unsuccessful. In truth from start all trades were kind of second quality at best.
So to cut long story short I was looking through my records after summer and came to conclusion, real one, to have max loss rule. Before I was averaging and couldn't really make clear math of what is better. But in last two and half months max loss rule would be a real winner. Math as it stands is 14 negative days -42 pips average total -594 pips, 21 positive days 16 pips average total 349 pips. Negative days with max loss of -25 pips implemented would have average of -21 pips and total of -294 pips. I need to add that I didn't count in small subtractions from account that I have on some positive days that I use as paying myself kind of deal that are profit also.
Also I checked would there be any changes with implemented max loss on profitable days and losing ones below max loss, no there would not. I even think that things would be even rosier without -104, -70, -67, -76, -45, -48 and -60 entering my world.
With this I didn't touch problem why when I recognize success in my mind like last week's +70 I have such brutal loss.