Tuesday, November 9, 2010

- 28 pips

What to do when you are fuming with anger about yesterday? Go against the trend. My max loss rule invoked, I probably wanted to try out that novelty.


Anonymous said...

How come there are no support resistance lines are your charts?

I think that if you use pivot points, support/resistance and mark the previous highs/lows on your chart, you will have an accurate way of seeing price action.

I still have a lot to learn but on the days I am doing well it is because I am behaving calmly and rationally, looking to where price will test a level.

I am going no lower than the 15 minute chart. I keep some correlated pais charts open plus a 1 hour.

I use mataf.com to determine pivot points.

Goooood luck!

Anonymous said...

oops mataf.net

FX said...

There are no lines because I see supp/res on the charts.