Tuesday, November 23, 2010

- 32 pips

Part I
Little indifference today toward scalp profits. Trades were half size and I let them run their way without interfering. Probably because of that bottom 1h chart of gbp/usd which shows my yesterday's trade. This swing trading bug gets me from time to time, questioning my scalping way of trading. There is nothing wrong to be sometimes emotionless about losing scalp profit, letting it slip away. Especially for me because I'm usually ultra emotional about every tick.

Part II
(chart 4.)
Later in the day after first two positive half size trades I had circus performance with nine full size trades. From +10 to -25, then -15 and finally -32 pips. Interesting how I put a trade after my max loss was realized. I won on that one but it wasn't enough for me to stop. No point in explaining anything when it's mostly irrational. We can call it gambling, whatever. Point is that I'm obviously emotionally unbalanced (better sounding then emotionally challenged). It isn't really a trading problem but it sure does impact my trading and make me trading problems.

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