Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I was trading last few days and went deeper in the red. Nothing worked with me getting tilted very soon. At 20. I started with nice short but with half size so I continued with trading less optimal setups because win was too small (my subjective opinion at the time). From profit went into loss disgusted in the process.
Yesterday 21. wasn't so bad only thing is I wanted big profit. So I turned down scalp profits and got small loss for the day.

Finally today the reason I'm writing this update I got wind in my back. I was thinking after yesterday why do I have to be so stubborn and refuse to trade the way that suits me. Turning down scalps is ridiculous when basically they are the only thing that I can do so-so. Everything else get me just losses in the long run. So today I was oriented to do just scalps however market behaves. Only bad trade was not acting on a loss and cutting it in a third gbp/usd trade. Fortunately market moved in a big way and scalping fast directional market was winning strategy for me.
I scalped 33 full size pips and with that I covered losses in previous two sessions. I'm just happy that I finally made some profit in a nice way.