Tuesday, September 7, 2010

-22 pips

I outmaneuvered myself marvelously. First I was unsatisfied with my winning trades because I entered with half size, then lost profit and some. Trying to do catch up burned me bit by bit.


Risk Control Master said...

what is the reason you stop at -22 pip? The reason I ask is that I try to find out how we can (I can) stop trading from losing. Cause there are only two options for me, after I lost 22 pips in any given day,
1: BE
2: crash my account

FX said...

We are totally on the same page. I was also going for be or more because I had profit at first. Then from -5 pips I was -8, -11, -16 and I throw down the towel at -22. I was lucky or unlucky that range was small so I couldn't lose/win more on those trades.
So today I don't have answer to your question. Maybe one other day if I stop myself on time with small loss for a day.