Tuesday, September 28, 2010

+40 pips

I'm very pleased today. Nice profit and many, many trades. Good that I was able to scalp and not get tired or emotional when volatility presented nice opportunities for trades.

Only on one occasion I moved away from scalping mode. Fortunately it went in my direction, but at the time (11:35) I had half size trade in gbp/usd and full size in eur/usd. I risked basically all that I gathered until then, around 15 pips, maybe even more. It took 15 minutes to show profit. I expected that gbp/usd will explode to the upside, but eur/usd did. Even thou it was my biggest profit it wasn't scalping and was wrong to do it. I had opinion about gbp, high probability one, but trading by opinions is different then scalping because I don't know where to exit in a loss or I don't want to.

On a positive side I like how I switched from short mode to long in eur/usd when market reversed direction of pressure.

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