Monday, May 3, 2010


Such bad trading, unpreparedness and disrespect for risk. Awful. Instead of stop I add position with a thought if it goes any further I close both. It went further, again I open another short and think that if it goes any further I will close it all. Slow day with UK holiday and me doing stupid things in a day that's far from ideal for my kind of trading. I could close first two position with a small loss. No. Now I have ten times bigger one. After it I open revenge trade in eur/jpy and lose some more.
Irony is in a fact that I opened first trade as a scalp to see will it go my way, when it didn't instead of closing it I did all of this. So stupid, knowing that I'm doing a mistake with each tick against me and refusing to trade properly.
Well averaging can't save me every time, sometimes it burn me, than I can see how problematic is getting used to trading like that.

After I wrote post I had another trade in gbp/usd with 3x size, luckily positive one so I cut my loss from -76 to -50 pips. I can't say that it's a good trading because I'm to emotional for trading now.

-50 pips


FFXD said...

I'm so sorry man, hope you do great tomorrow.

FX said...

Thanks. I'm angry at myself whole day, hope that it goes away tomorrow.