Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Emotion of thrill

Emotion of thrill overwhelmed me as soon as I made my two quick wins. After it I wasn't able to trade any more, even thou I made quick trip in other pair but run away immediately when it wasn't working and that was good choice. Positive emotions are just like negative, emotions. They change things. It's easy to leave charts in such state, good thing is that it don't make me want to trade more. If I for some reason chose to trade again I don't want to lose my precious just made profit and that is not even remotely good state to be when you are trading.

Second gbp/usd trade against the trend was made because gbp/jpy held yesterday's support and low at that moment. From that followed reversal.

More I look at my trading I can see that I'm searching for this kind of setups. Break to the new low/high quick action on 10sec chart, scalp and out. When price is moving fast on 10sec in this type of situation I can sense what is going on. At least I believe so and I'm able to trade based on that belief.

+25 pips

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