Monday, December 7, 2009

I got reminded why I shouldn't trade too long

First in the morning I had very nice scalps even though I missed the biggest move down. Speed of market was just as I like it for scalping.
I had one small try in gbp/usd also but that didn't work. In the morning I managed to collect 18 pips.

Later there were some scalping and half size trade in gbp/usd. Then I shorted eur/usd about 14h and that didn't work. So I changed direction and took to small profits. Again I changed direction and I was wrong. I even averaged down in last short, losing all my morning profits in a move against me.
Then market gave me opportunity to get out. I was already trading very mediocre so I didn't want to check out what will be the next. I think that five hours is too long for me in front of the charts and that I shouldn't trade more after nice sequence like it was in the morning on account of my degraded performance in later trades.
That's why I had in my rules to stop trading for a day after few nice wins

+23 pips

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