Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Early morning II

I'm very satisfied with today's trading session. Just out of bed checking charts and short in gbp/usd was laying itself down. I took 18 pips. Second one didn't work out and I was quick to take opposite direction move in third trade.

I'm much like Jules with having strong emotional response because of the trades. I think that is especially prone to scalping. I would like to trade more but I'm not calm any more. Impact of trades is in my mind and my emotional setup is changed. In this new state I'm not optimal for trading. I would like to know how to reset that, but I don't how. It seems to me that I take every day as one session and have a relationship with day's p&l. I almost feel guilt that I'm not trading more, like I should work harder. Well I know myself and that it's better to move away now.

+28 pips

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Jules said...

:-) You know me so well, FX. I didn't even spell it out that clearly in my post but you totally got it!

Very nice green days by the way. :-)