Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Early morning

First I had nice trade with half size in gbp/usd of 23 half size pips. I went in half size because it was early and price was jumpy.
Then I shorted eur/jpy and got heat for fifteen minutes. I guess that burned me out. When it finally continued my way I took too small profit. I chickened even though I was looking at 5min chart and expecting break of previous low. Then after 20 pips I re shorted getting nothing.
Then I looked back to gbp/usd that was making lows and shorted at exact low. After another attempt to break it it failed and I didn't get out. I let it go 28 pips against me before I pulled the plug. That is again me getting chickened to take a loss. At that point I reversed expecting really strong bounce from those lows. Well I was expecting getting my profit back to be honest. I even averaged up which was done for wrong reasons especially because I didn't got out of second position after it stop working for me. So there it was pure gambling with double position after having nice profit of 18 pips for a day and then losing 28 giving me -10 plus double sized gamble. It played out in my favor so I recovered previous loss and got some more pips finishing day at +30 pips. I can't say that I'm satisfied with this trading. It's mixed, good and bad. Best thing would be if I finished day after eur/jpy trade because I was worn out being in a loss on it for too long.


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