Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Interesting for me to watch is change in attitude that I have now. With new goal orientation on safer and smaller target I tend to first click exit and then think. I don't need much pips so I grab very fast without second thought. No problem for me with that attitude, let it continue.
On first eur/usd trade I was little absent minded at the time of the entry. I knew about EUR news time and I had some level drawn. When market started to move I just clicked and then I realized why is it moving, I simply forgot it.
On gbp/usd I just took the first wave in 10sec and I was really watching at what exact time should I jump in with help of eye on gbp/jpy and eur/gbp.

+12 pips

Right after my exit GBP had crazy bull run. It's like the same one's that run up that rally first pushed market down to fool as many as they can about a direction of least resistance.



Now that's what scalping looks like!

FX said...

Hehe, right