Thursday, September 17, 2009

Curious case of forex traders

I didn't intend to post today because I had only one small trade that didn't amount to much only 2 pips. I was still busy today with my job. There was around +7 pips but I left it on trying to catch more. It spiked back and I was out. Interesting thing came when I read Stockhunters blog post for today. I borrowed chart from his blog and if you look closely you will see that we traded the same time. It was just after the news when spread settled. This isn't the first time that we are trading the same thing at the same time. This time he was in eur/usd and me in gbp/usd but it's the same move, same reasons. Market started going down after tight range and news and we shot for opportunity.
To me it's really interesting to see how we reacted to the same thing. Who knows how many others done the same thing in this impersonal environment. We will never know.

Harvey had the same trade (same minute, same move) also. His first trade on the third picture below.


Harvey said...

My first trade today was the same as ya'lls. Looks like I got in a little bit after StockHunter added to his position.

StockHunter said...

lol, cool!

FX said...

This is crazy!!:))

I updated blog with Harvey's chart as well.

Syed Omar (Hilmy) said...

ha i had a quick scalp too earlier around before the news.. but i was even before the news came

FX said...

Yes, I've seen it on your blog :)