Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Today's trades

Nothing much but it's nice to be profitable after losing day yesterday. First trade was because at 72 was R1 pivot point resistance today and it just looked to me like we can get pullback and hit wave of selling judging by 30min chart. That is only shot for little scalp trying to pick a top. It's 50:50 trade, but I kind off like them.
Second trade was because of reaction on gbp/usd that bounce that instant from test of morning lows. It first pulled eur/usd down in a spike, when it bounced eur followed.
+ 10 pips



Good job man, I had kind of difficult day. I don't like moving the zone, but sometimes my gut tells me to. 9 losers and 2 winners. +2%

StockHunter said...

Nice trades.

FX said...

Thanks guys :D