Monday, December 22, 2008

Cluttered screen

It was quiet morning at work and I had my charts open. Well better to have it closed if you don't want to trade. There are always opportunities if you follow 1min charts and watch how day develop. Well it is hard to trade my way on small screen because I like to watch many things simultaneously, you can see how cluttered it was.
I tried for small scalp just to get something because to me it looked as good time for pullback. In the end it was full reversal.
Short trades in duration and profit were the ones where I didn't believe price action and as I hate taking losses I run away before it came back. +17 full size pips


StockHunter said...

Cluttered or not you still made some nice scalps. Nice job.


Nice job today buddy. I am throwing in the towel for the year. I will only trade if I just can't resist something, but probably not.

Sadly, Since I had so many withdrawals from my account and this was a major learning year, I am only up 11% from the beginning of the year. Shitty huh?

I am very interested in seeing how next year turns out. I have vowed to take no money out of my account period.

FX said...

Thanks StockHunter.

Orion you are really trading for a living so it's a great job. Well, you got to take out some money it's good for spirit. Take out half of monthly gain but not more.

StockHunter said...

FX, no prob :D

Orion, up is a good thing no matter how small :). I'm curious to know (if you don't mind) how'd you do including the withdrawls?