Thursday, March 27, 2008

More losses

Today even more than yesterday. I lost about -11% in the last two days. I'm about -13% down for this year, and -20% down from account high at beginning of February.

I guess I need that to hit bottom, I never just lose much on one day, I got to have following loses. It's like earthquake.


4x For Life said...

dude you are killing me, stop get more training. I am always looking for more training. I think if you buy a program it will help. I am not trying to bust your chops I just can not stand watching you take hit after hit.

FX said...

LOL I'm killing myself. Programs will not help. Who will be disciplined enough to follow them? Me? Do you have program for developing discipline?

It's all easy.
Some rules: Don't move stops, don't enter trade if you don't have predefined stop, don't average down, don't revenge trade. Don't exit winning trades just because you have some profit.Use TA to base your trades and not wishful thinking.
Finally be disciplined to use those rules.

I think that everything is under control and that sometimes is good to take a beating to reset things a little bit.