Monday, March 10, 2008

Looking for a break out

Yesterday's analysis on my new blog was todays main theme for trading. I wanted gbp/chf to make break out up and I was looking for possible scalp entries. I was so mad after first exit that I let myself shaken out so easily. On second trade things looked to me that they will fall so I took scalping profit. Last trade I got 4 pips slippage in time from my order to entry so I wasn't happy about it. I wanted to get better price than two times before but I got the same. Around US open there was no scheduled news but prices start to fly all around. I was happy when I saw that chf is loosing ground on usd, but gbp/usd started to follow down. Than I hit the exit. No break out up, it's still the range.
+17 pips

I must admit that even trying to stay in trades long term and in the direction of the trend like the first trade is highly unusual for me. I didn't take profit there when I was 15 pips up. I was mad that I got shaken out and not that I missed scalp money. So I'm happy about that more than about my todays forex profit.

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