Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I shorted eur/usd in trying to go with the trend, it didn't start downtrend but rebounded.
Fast pace of aud/usd was looking like correction to me, and I shorted it. It's against trend so no good. I had really strong urge to short that uptrend. Funny are those urges, like I want to trade to fight and not trade to get money.
In the end I shorted gbp/usd, it's my old mentality. Two position little down and I add third. But I really had concept of general usd strength.

When usd/jpy started to fall I got out of everything because my idea was that usd will gain strength, if not get out.

Great thing is that I started to use 5min charts and didn't look at 1min at all. So I had patience to let gbp/usd run a little. If I instead watched 1min I would be out long time ago.

gbp/usd +30
aud/usd +3
eur/usd b/e

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