Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Start of the April

2. April

+2 pips
It's unfortunate when I get tangled looking for reversal. Trend down in eur/jpy maybe wasn't strong but getting profit going against it isn't easy at all.Usually then I fantasize about enormous swing trade of fifty or hundred pips. Truth is that probability is not on my side at that time.

3. April

+10 pips
 In the evening after I came home found nice move and interesting support ready for break.

4. April
I can see some improvements in how I feel while I trade. I'm little bit more detached and less dependent on my emotions. I don't jump on every tick when I have trade, but I give it opportunity to do it's job if I think that conditions are favorable.
Problems with too tight range in eur/usd so moves just aren't worth the trouble. My trading of eur/jpy isn't that good. Too big spread for scalping and I react too much, not staying in the trade when I should.

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