Friday, December 30, 2011

Rest of December

-17 pips

-46 pips
Didn't capture chart.

+2 pips

-58 pips
  Raging after good start.


Anonymous said...

hey do you mind me asking how old you are? i see you often fly into a rage with the markets. i used to do the same until i got older. i was doing the same as you up until around 31 years old. then i started relaxing a little with age and now i very rarely go into that sort of rage. these days it is very easy to 'let it go' and my results have improved immeasurably.
also have you ever looked into using volume information to help make trades. i have found volume is key to trading success.

FX said...

35 years old
it's hard to measure volume in forex
maybe I will get less volatile with years, hope so :)

Anonymous said...

volume is easy to track on the CME. i strongly suggest you get a data only feed from someone like esignal (free trial for one month)and get a one month free trial of
it's not cheap, it will cost you maybe $400 a month (after the trial period)but i honestly cannot recommend it enough.
do you know marketdelta? there are some great tutorials on their website about how to use their software.
but also check out these blogs:
there's a lot to learn. but i hope you look into using volume in your trading. i really believe it will help you be more professional. making more informed decisions will calm you down and stop this emotional roller coaster you've been on for many years.
good luck

FX said...

Thanks Daniel I will look into it.

FX said...

I'm reading electroniclocal now and it's great, thanks on that.