Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First few days of December


+3 pips

Probes on the downside didn't work. Upside was later also limited. I did trade only when I see possible opportunity and didn't bother with rest of it.


- 11 pips

I forgot that I should trade only fast market and skip market like this. Old habits die hard, and when start is wrong I usually keep going same way.


-31 pips

This is brilliant example how bad is it to do things wrong way. Just because I thought that market will break massively I left great scalps on the table. I couldn't believe that I could pick that many good entries one after another.


Sith-Trader said...

u don't need to trade everyday that's for sure. Find indicator for on off trading day and u will be surprised for the result.

Just my humble opinion. Good luck :)

Mike K. said...

Best of luck and smooth trading in 2012!