Thursday, April 21, 2011

April part2

+1 pip

Mixture of bad trading at first and good trading later. In gbpusd trades were half size and after first loss all day was catching up positive p&l.
In eur/usd I started with in&out, in&out, then when I noticed mistake of ruining good starting trades I reversed direction and started angrily to go against the trend. I made a break, get myself together and started looking at the price and not my ideas in the head. Didn't capitalize much but I started to trade better.
+7 pips

+17 pips


Ai Shiang 水 said...

Do you trade mainly the EUROs by scalping? I see you use 10secs chart. That must be super fast :o)

FX said...

Pretty much nowadays mainly euro because of the smallest spread. Well it's not so fast because you have ten seconds until each bar. You can do many things in ten seconds :))

I'm glad that you commented so now I can follow your trading at your blog. See you.