Friday, April 29, 2011

April 2011. results

P&L no change

I'm at exact dollar amount where I started the month. At least I can say that there were opportunities for me to trade that I was happy with. My trading, ups and downs, not so bad but not so good either.

Between blogs that I follow there are two that are inspirational for me lately so I want to share them:

The forexbird - forex scalping at it's best. I would really like to watch video of his scalping because charts are to static to show nuances of his work. Extremely tight on stops and fast in his reactions.

Bankrobber - momentum trading of stocks. Very simple trading by going in where momentum is in that moment but maybe the most profitable trader/blogger that I found. Plus great mental mind set which is explained in many posts. That kind of trading is closest to mine preferred trading. I'm a little bit jealous that I'm not capitalized enough to trade stocks that way because there are many more daily opportunities of that kind in stocks then there is in forex or future markets.


Attitude Trader said...

Bankrobber (Scott) definitely has some good stuff to share.

Hang in there.


FX said...

Yeah, he does :)